On leaving school, Jim was accepted into the Glasgow School of Art before joining John Horn, box manufacturer, as a graphic artist. It was there that Jim had his first introduction to the scotch whisky industry, designing whisky labels and cartons for many companies. He was a magnificent cartoonist and secured a job with the Disney Corporation in the USA. Two days before he was supposed to fly out, he met a girl, Jeanette at a farewell party in his honour and decided to remain in Scotland and marry her.

He worked as a freelance artist for a time producing wonderful oil paintings and illustrations but whisky labels and cartons always constituted the bulk of his commissions.

It was during his time as a freelance artist that Jim was introduced to Raymond Davidson, managing director of Glencairn Crystal. They quickly became close friends and, indeed, when Glencairn opened its first factory, Jim joined the company and remained there as the senior artist for nearly 30 years.

Jim meeting The Queen when Glencairn Crystal won their first Queens Award for Innovation

It was during this period that he created countless whisky label and carton designs as well as beautiful crystal presentations.

His wit and talent led to countless cartoons being created and, as they are timeless, will be admired and be the source of continual laughter.